Barton Surgery Torquay


As of Monday 3rd April Barton Surgery merged with Chelston Hall. Please head to for any information about our surgery.

We are now known as Chelston Hall Surgery with the site remaining open becoming the branch site for the new organisation.

Together we are looking to the future and considering ways to improve access and continuity of care for patients. We are also exploring ways to work with other services in the town including physiotherapy and the depression and anxiety counselling service. 

In merging we will create a new model of care which will be sustainable and offer long term care and support for all of our patients.  

The merger will offer important patient benefits combining our strengths, enhancing our team and enabling us to further improve enhance our patient experience. While this merger obviously signifies change, we are committed to making the process of integrating the two practices seamless to you. Chelston Hall patients in the future will have the ability to make and attend appointments at our Barton Surgery Branch.

This website will no longer be updated.